Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eastport pram

It's February, and real cold.  Too cold to finish the Coot so here we go with a stitch and glue boat.  I don't normally do stitch and glue but this boat fell into my lap so I didn't refuse.   Someone bought it from CLC and just didn't have the wherewithal to do it.  They posted it on the Alberg 30 blog and I got it.

For the uninitiated, stitch and glue is a very simple method for building a boat.  You get a pre-cut kit or cut your own and then hold the panels together with wire.  The panels then get glued with thickened resin. When the glue dries the wires are removed and it gets covered with fiberglass.

The Eastport Pram is a Chesapeake Light Craft boat.  It's a very nice 8 foot dingy.

                                                                     Pile of parts

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