Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sail rig

Finally got around to making the sail.  Not a real professional job but one that will work.  I used ripstop spinaker cloth and my wife's sewing machine.  I used the pattern from the CLC boat plans.  After I made all this stuff it seams they designed a completely different sail rig for the boat.  After I take this boat out I'll look at the new new design.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


I thought about just buying oars from one of the places over in Annapolis.  I went to Bacons and they didn't have the right size.  Went back to CLC. they had them but I just wasn't ready to pay that much for them.  So...  I got a 2x4 from Lowes.  I picked through the pack and found the best boards in the pile.  I  should get 4 oars from the two boards.  I had some extra scrap hanging around so that made the blades.  I ripped the 2x4 into 1 1/2 square chunks then glued on the blades.  Stay tuned.